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Lloyd Camp is a South African naturalist, author, expedition leader and safari guide with an intimate knowledge of the most pristine and secret places in wild Africa.

Lloyd has worked for the foremost safari companies in southern Africa and now leads wildlife trips all over Africa to find the wild creatures that you only ever see on programmes such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Safari is about knowing where and when to go, and who to speak to, and Lloyd has over thirty years of experience in showing his clients the mysteries of the great continent.

Lloyd owns and directs Lloyd Camp Consulting Africa, a travel and adventure company that creates bespoke safari trips at any level of comfort and budget anywhere in Africa.

If you want to contact Lloyd Camp for experiencing an authentic and uplifting safari, click on Lloyd’s page.

For an insightful and often emotional window into life in the African bush, read Lloyd’s book, Africa Bites, click here.

“Lloyd is the person who briefed me before my 37,000 kilometer African expedition.

Without his valuable advice and great experience, I would never have been able to have this adventure!” said Jerry Swift.


To be given preferential rates by this travel agency, please emphasize that you found out about Lloyd on Jerry Swift’s website.


lloyd camp


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